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Issues and Problems

One common problem is that the pieces in the board look weird on opening the game after installation. That means the font required for viewing the chess pieces has not been installed correctly. If you run into this problem, you can install the font file manually. Please install Merifont.ttf found in the System subdirectory of your installation directory into the Windows Font directory. To do this, goto Control Panel->Fonts and click File->Install Font. Select the above file and click Install. In some systems, it is sufficient to simply drag drop the file into the fonts folder.

These are some of the bugs present in the software. You can be sure that they will be rectified in the future, though.
  • The program crashes on selecting a music directory that has few or no music files at all.
  • Very rarely, The Genius sacrifices his Queen for no reason at all.
  • Occasionally, towards the end of the game, The Genius plays stupid.
  • You cannot undo the last move of a saved game after opening.
And one deficiency is that The Genius plays best only when there are a lot of pieces around. If most of the pieces are gone, he switches to Fun Mode and begins to play funny :(