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How to Play

Well, it isn't that hard.

To move a piece,

Left click on the piece and without releasing your mouse button, move your mouse to the destination square and release your mouse button there. (Whew).
That looks very long on text but is very simple to do actually. In fact, the computer people have coined a single word for the whole sentence, and they call it Dragging!!!.

Seriously, this method, though inconvenient at first, is faster than the other method of first selecting the piece and then moving it. And the square you are currently on is highlighted too. The piece doesn't come along with your mouse and instead lands on the destination square only after you have released the mouse.This is not a bug and the program has been designed as such.

Get Started and have fun.

Note: To castle, just drag the King to where he would be after castling, and drop him there. That's it. Fast and easy!.