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The User Interface
How to play?
Tips 'n' Tricks
Known Issues
About the Author
Why was The Genius created?
    To Save The World :-). Well actually, I wanted to develop a game that makes the computer think. And chess is what came immediately to my mind.
Why am I not hearing background music?
    Make sure the Options->More Options->Automatically play music on startup check box is checked.
And click the Options->Play Music menuitem to start playing music immediately. (Otherwise music is enabled only if you close and restart the program.) See to it that you select a directory that has music in any of the following formats. (Warning: The program will crash if the directory doesn't have any music files at all.)
  • *.RAM or *.MID
  • *.WAV
  • *.CDA
You can verify the above by looking at the statusbar, which continuously displays music information.
And finally, make sure your speakers are turned on :-)
Why am I hearing music even after the program exited?
    Use File->Exit to close the program. You won't get the problem.
What technical features does The Genius have?
    Well, The Genius has been developed in Microsoft Visual C++. It uses multithreading to run the User Interface, the Game Engine and the Music Player, all at the same time. Regarding the Game Engine, it
  • Uses the Alpha Beta Search Algorithm
  • Uses Transposition tables
  • Capable of Pondering (Not yet fully implemented).
Plus you can save and reopen your games, with the move list and the board position intact.
Do I have to pay to use the Genius?
    The Genius is released under LGPL. You can use it as you like, of course, at your own risk. You are free to distribute it to anybody else. All I ask is just an email, appreciating or critiscizing the software.( After all, creating one isn't easy!!). Send your comments to
Are there any bugs?
    Of course there are. Here are some known bugs that will be removed in the future versions
What can I expect in the future versions?
    You can expect a better Game Engine, with support for statergical thinking, as well as advanced technical aspects like Quiscense Search, Null move pruning, MDTF algorithm etc. And of course, fewer bugs and a better User Interface (like a REAL game).